Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gear Review : The north face venture jacket

The North Face Venture Jacket.
The North Face Venture Jacket was recipient of the Green Award of Backpacker Magazine Last 2011. And I experienced it firsthand why the jacket was award winning at the recent Amuyao traverse Climbed. I bought the jacket last year, and only this month I put it on the test and passed with flying colors. I breaked in the jacket last October when typhoon Peping hits the country. I walked for an hour on the street playing like a kid wearing the Venture Jacket, and I was dry inside. I never had a chance to use the jacket in a hard rain on the mountain, so testing it at more than 2thousand feet will be a real chance for TNF Venture to prove its worth, and it did exceeding my expectations.
                                                     Venture Jacket in Mt Ugu..
Before we the ascend in Mt Amuyao, last May 19. It started to rain, and that rain last till evening. That means we need to trek through the rain and wind on high altitude. The TNF venture Jacket keep me dry inside until I reached the bunker at the summit of Mt Amuyao. The hyvent waterproofing technology really works. The double taped seams never let any rain to sip in. And since it was from The north face, it does it job perfectly. Its waterproof and windproof technology makes ascending Mt Amuyao much easier. I did not worry about getting cold and shiver because I know that the venture jacket can protect me from the elements.
The catch is this jacket is expensive, it cost P6590. So always watch out for TNF sale, they might discounted it for 30% and up to 50%. If your on a budget, you can use poncho, umbrella and raincoat or the black trash bag, it will not be as comfy ,however it might do the trick as well.

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