Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Ride

I have not been busy hiking peaks for the last few months. My budget was drained for the monthly major climb I did in the previous months, also I have consumed all of my leave credits so I took a months of absence from the trail.

My First Bike

During the time I was not hiking, I took the time to noticed and ride my bike, which I bought almost a year ago. It was the humble Cannondale Trail Six.

One day, My friend and hiking buddy Invited me to try biking in Timberland and Up Diliman. There have been plan like this before, however due to unlimited excuses, the plan didnt push trough. This time , all forces have been set and I was on my first bike ride in the highway. The biking scene and mountaineering scene are different, but it was the same thrill and excitement all over again just to be with other athletic and outdoor people once again.

My Buddy Russell
 So my first biking experience was a bliss..

At Up Diliman