Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Mt Ugo Traverse Dayhike

There are many groups who already completed this major dayhike, yet there are no accounts of their journey was written. I just found one blog who shared the story.

We are confident that we can complete this traverse knowing that most in our group already completed some major dayhikes with me. And those new in the team are showing great potentials to be mountain crazy ready.

One of the factors to be considered to complete the climb and not to be too late to finished was to start as early as possible. And that can be accomplished only if all of you agreed on the desired meet up time.

We arrived in Kayapa at 4:00am. Our guide is alredy there. After a few minutes to prepare, we prayed then start our hike.

The first part of the journey was all uphill. Entering the narrow path which the locals used, then a few minutes we arrived at the pine forest trail.

For every climb the hardest part is the first part - your muscle is not awake, your lungs is not yet fully activated and somehow you feel sleepy.

Pics from Raffy
During this moment, sometimes you will ask yourself what is the reason why you are still hiking. For me, I hike not to add to my personal peaks , but to bring my friends to the summit. Seeing they are painfully enjoying the hike fulfilled my self accomplishment.

The open trail to Domolpos ( Pics from Raffy)
We arrived in Indupit Village just before the sun shines at 6:50am. We rest , re-filled our water supply and bond. From here the trail was mostly straight forward and it is the best to rest your legs , catch up your breathe and take up your pace.

We are blessed because the sun is not that hot, mostly the skies are covered with clouds. So we hiked up with eased. Catch up with one another, shared a laughter, capture some beautiful views along the trail.

From Where is Xaan
At 10:20am we arrived in Domolpos waiting shed. It is now all up hill. Slowly, by keeping one feet ahead of the other, we reached the campsite at 11:40am and reached the Mt Ugo marker at 12pm.

Group picture (pics from Raffy )
We took our lunch at the summit. Rest, Photo-ops, take a nap , recharge our energy. I know that the real challenge here is the descend from the summit all the way to the exit point.

We start our descend at 1:15pm . Once again we are mesmerized by the beauty that surrounds us as we emerged to the fine forest under the cold sunny weather. This was the most beautiful part of the Mt Ugo traverse. The trail going to tinongdan. Pine forest and  Mountain Peaks are every where.

Captured by Donners
It was a continuous descend and some time rolling terrain. We arrived in Km 3 at 6:00 pm just before the sun sets and the darkness creeps in.

We know that there are an hour or so to reach the hanging bridge in km 0. We decide that it would be practical not to proceed to km 0 but to ask our van to pick us up along the way to Km 3.

Thus the adventure ends.

Once again, another major mountain was completed by the team on a single day.