Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year That Was...

2012 was a really busy year for me. This year I was able to crashed boundaries on my hiking adventures. I was actually accomplished a lot.  I was able to summitted some of  the highest peaks of Benguet and Mindanao. I was able to meet new friends and acquitances,hiking and drinking buddy., and also able to let go some of the friends who are either hibernating or just simply walked away. This year also I was able to complete my camping gear, able to purchased a solo tent, cookset and lots of apparel that will either protect me from the mountain and forest elements that can keep me warm and cozy during cold and rainy nights or just for the sake of having it. You'll have a better peace of mind if you knew that in your packs you have some protection for whatever wheather youll encounter. Hope this 2013, I will be able to complete the open and climable top 10 highest peaks in the Phillipines.
                                                Mt Pulag via Akiki-Ambangeg in 2 days

                                                                          Mt Ugu

                                                    The Tamayong - Kapatagan Traverse
                                                                Mt Amuyao traverse
                                                                   Mt Napulauan
                                                                    Mt Kalatungan
The year hightlight was that , I was able to organized a lot of successful climbs. From Benguet : Amuyao traverse, Mt Ugu traverse and Mt Napulauan traverse. Then I joined team injury organize climb to Mt pulag via Akiki-ambangeg trail. I was also able to do a number of dayhikes, manalmon, maktrav via sipit trail, mt palali, pico trav , batulao trav ,balingkilat, and malipunyo-manabu traverse.
And to complete and end the year with a blast, I was able to finished my organized climb to  the talomo-apo traverse and mt kalatungan traverse.
This 2013, I hope to able to do a number of high peaks again. I will try to scale tabayoc,kibungan,and sicapoo. Hope I can also join some trail runs this year. and to wrap up the year 2013 , I already have a kitanglad-dulang-maagnaw traverse schedule for Dec 2013. 
Hope you already starting your adventure.Live life, be daring  , be bold , be something more..