Sunday, February 7, 2016

Random Thoughts

I have been reading a lot of post, comments and violent reactions regarding the state of hiking boom on nearby mountains and a lot of self pity and bitter individuals who try to find solace and comfort in the mountains.

Yes, there are lot of interest focus now in hiking or backpacking, as all the information now can be easily get on the internet. If you are just plain lazy like the most, you just post your questions on the Facebook group and hope you can find what your looking for or there are someone interested to answer your post.

I have been lucky to be able to complete the Great Cordillera Traverse individually just before the hiking booms. Those are the days that Facebook group is not that big, we are just relying on Pinoy Mountaineer and some other hiking blogs for itinerary and contacts. Some contacts are not active, so you will do the hard part trying to gather information on different sources. I have been established contacts trough Department of Tourism, Local Government and even just a mere local of that place. I have successfully organized my climb from Luzon to Mindanao without doing a pre-climb meeting, but I am always hiking with a small group that might differ from your way of doing things.

I have a lot of respect and thanks to our Old School Mountaineers, without them we might not have been inspired to follow their footsteps. However, we are just to concern about the good old days, the glory days of external backpacks, maong shorts, cotton shirts, hiking boots etc, can you imagine yourself now with that gear ?

Margaja Valley
Technology was created to make our life better, for us to be able to connect with the world much easier and faster. Can you think or organizing a climb now without internet, without mobile phones ? Before  you need to do a long distance call if you plan to gather information or to set up a climb outside metro manila. Now, trough Facebook messenger and text messaging we can connect without much cost and effort.

In terms of gears, lightweight packs, technical shirts, light weight and trail specific shoes are created so that we can enjoy the outdoors more. Indeed, you can still wear your combat shoes or your chuck taylor and take a lot of selfies , no one will damn care.

About the trail traffic, it is the hiker's choice to start early or start late, or as sir Gidz said, climb somewhere else. We cannot tell others not to climb the mountain because our group will climb it, your only choice was to start early you that you will be ahead of them when they are just starting.

The hiking boom creates more income to the community and weekend jobs to the locals. We should be thankful that they have now means to feed their family or to support whatever needs they have. Of course for the hard headed and self concern individuals, they always have the habit of finding fault, seeing the negative effects, take pictures , post it on Facebook attitude. Remember if your not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

No Trail Traffic here. (Trail connecting Dulang to Maagnaw )
One more thing, nothing drives me crazy than seeing a lot of Hugot post shit. No one cares about your bitterness, negative thoughts, and self pity , why post it on Facebook to gather sympathy and attention. You climb mountains, go places with that shit and you are just infecting others who are just trying to have a good time with people, places and themselves.  No one really cares if you dont have your Forever, or you just lost your Forever, We all have shits to deal with so your self pity and bitterness can just add to what we already have. Why most of us are just to damn dependent on other person for our happiness ? Cant you just let go and move on? Just accept it and move on with your life, If you are worth it, someone will come along eventually and make your adventure comes true. No one wants to be with the persons who just complaining, who are wallowing in self pity, revenge, negative thoughts and habits.  Cant we just climb on a good frame of mind? Cant we just go places just to enjoy it and enjoy it with the people around us ? Just leave your self inflicted pain and bitterness just deal with it again once your at home.

I have been blessed to have friends who somehow have the same thoughts as I have. We all have problems, issues, pain, disappointment , relationship failure, difficulty connecting to other people and yet when we are together we just enjoy that we are once again on the mountains and places and do not bring negative thoughts and energy among ourselves. Once we get back to our personal lives, we deal with it on our own. Of course we talked and shared about our personal problems with our friends, we just dont let the world know about it.

My Friends on top of Mt Napulauan. (picture courtesy of xa-an)
Just climb and enjoy it. Enjoy the people you are hiking with. Make new friends, strengthen the bond with your old friends, Enjoy the places , share stories with the locals. Make friend with your guides and porters, talk to them and soon you will find new meaning in your hiking and adventure life.

See you on the trails.