Friday, February 17, 2017

Mt Pigingan Dayhike

There are another peaks on the north that is slowly gaining popularity due to its own secluded beauty and challenges - Mt Pigingan.
This is also the place where they held the Cordillera Mountain Ultra a 50km trail running event.
If you want to hike in Mt Pigingan, coordinate with the same contact person who handles the climb arrangment in Mt Ugo. 

Pics courtesy of Direk
Our Team was always looking for a new peak to summit or new challenges to have.Well it is our just an excuse to be together and to catch up with one another. Since mostly we have climbed some of the major mountains in Benguet, its time to have a chill up climb where we can just relax and enjoy the view. Mt Ulap is also a great mountain to hike, however there are just too many people hiking it because it is too easy and many people just jumping into bandwagon joining an organized climb, with just an hour away to Baguio, it is just a perfect destination to even to just plain tourist.

Start of the uphill
Since most of us have their own schedule on Saturday's , we just settle to do in on a dayhike. I am not too sure if there are other group who have done it before, but when I searched for it , nothing has been documented or shared on the web , mostly groups are hiking in the mountain to camp overnight.

Jagged Peaks
We started our hike in the darkness, With our headlamp on, we slowly trekked to the straight forward path until we reached the steel bridge. We picked up our guide then we continue our hike with just the light from our headlamp showing us the way. Slowly and continuously the trail was getting steeper. We were greeted by the sun just when the open trail begins and it was all up hill. There was a water source just before you hike up, and there is also another water source near the camp site. So keep that in mind for your hydration strategy. 

Mountain View
We are in awe to witness the grand beauty of the mountain as it was slowly shines in the ray of the sun. There are mountain peaks and river that you can see while hiking up on an open trail. This is also one advantage of hiking early, you are almost midway to your destination when the sun hits on you, and you are getting back when the heat was on its peak. 

Wish there was a shade
After hours of going up , with rest for photo ops and view appreciation , we reached the campsite. Here we took our lunch and take a rest before continuing our ascend to the summit.

A great view at the summit
From the campsite to the summit it is like an hour or more to reached it. Dont worry you will be mesmerized by the view every where and there was enough spot for your instagramable picture. 

After spending a few minutes at the summit and the sun was on top of our head , we decided to descend. 

We descend with much faster and continuous pace. Eventually after hours of knee devastating descend, we arrived at the steel bridge which serves as our marker , that means we are almost there. 

The group just resting after descending from the peak

At 4:00 pm the last of our team arrives, thus the adventure ends. 

As all things - all will come to an end. Means that for every adventure your having - enjoy it to the fullest , connect to people, not only with your own group with others as well. Build better friendship, Make lasting memories and share positive influence on others. 

Pine forested trail
Remember we are not alone on the journey of life. 

Adventures are the best when shared.