Saturday, January 5, 2013

Talomo-Apo Traverse Day 2

Day 2

We woke up on the cold and rainy morning in Camp 2. We still need to hiked for 2-3 hours to reached the Talomo summit. After a quick breakfast,with renewed body and spirit. We break camp under the rain and chilly weather,then continued our journey to the wilderness.

                           Camp 2. 2-3 hours away from the Talomo Summit
                                  Just another mossy logs to crossed

As we near the talomo summit the trail became more slippery, dangerous and mind blowing difficult. Imagined walking on it while raining. Being wet,cold and in high altitude already the hiked became more taxing. We reached the foggy Talomo Summit at 9:00am.

                  Hail Salute once again to our fallen comrades who didnt make it.

                                           Mt Talomo Dense Forest

From the summit it would take another 8-10 hours hiked to Basinan Campsite. With a couple of another peaks to crossed, we didnt stay too long in the summit. After savoring the cold and the view to our hearts delight, this time the rain already subside, We continue walking trough the dense forest.

                                            Talomo's Jungle Canopy.

We thought that the worst is over,but not yet,,The trail from the summit to Basinan is the most challenging and mind puzzling part of the traverse. This time theres a lot of logs crossing and lots of ascend and descend with very slippery rocks and most. Theres a two 90 degrees descend, One is supported by makeshift bamboo ladder,that some part is loose. The other one is supported with vine.
That vine gives up while Max is holding it to descend, good thing he was not injured.

                                     The Almost 90 degrees descend.

                                             At the Cabacan River.

We failed to reached the Basinan campsite just before the sun sets, Our guides being knowleadgeable of the danger hiking at night. We set up camp somewhere in the jungle canopy of Mt Talomo.

                                           Just another part of the trail

Another day just passed, just one more day and for the first time I will be able to set foot on the Grandfather of the Phillipine Mountains. The formidable Mt Apo.

                                        Mt Apo. So near, yet so far.

                                          The Almighty Mt Apo.

Note :
All photos that were used was courtesy of Maximus Tercerus

To be continued..


  1. Sir Tips Nman Po About Megatraverse Mt. Talomo - Mt. Apo. ( advice for sefl preparation and things :) please... this april 2015 . tatahakin po kc namin. Mt. talomo to Mt. Apo.

  2. Prepare both physically and mentally. Hindi lang pala dapat ikaw ang mag prepare kundi lahat kayo na sasama. Mahirap pag may na injured na isa. Sira ang akyat nyo. Jogging lang sir, at multiple dayhikes with full pack. At syempre dapat maganda ang sapatos mo. Mahirap ang trail nito, sa mga logs ka mag lalakad na puro wet moss at malalambot na lupa at maputik.. Good luck