Sunday, November 15, 2015

Finding the Dont Look Back Trail

I first heard the dont look back trail when a race was organize in Mt Balagbag. I have been to the mountain a number of times as it was near to my location and the expenses is less than P200 pesos only. I am not aware that there are longer trail connecting to Mt Lubog and traversing to San Isidro Montalban or going back to the Mt Balagbag area via a circuit. There are 2 circuit trail there. One is the easy but much longer trail, and the other one is called Dont Look Back, as it was a cardiac assault on the loose soil and ridges under the heat and humidity.

Dont look Back trail 
I have been scouting this trail for 3 weekends now. First I try to find the trail connecting to Mt Lubog, then another weekend, me and my friends try to find it again, only to our disappointment that we end up on a different trail - the longer trail leading to San Isidro, and the other one connecting to dont look back on the left side of the trail is exiting to Balagbag Area, on the left going up is the Dont look back trail exiting to registration going to helipad.

As far as I know the trail is only used by locals and trail runners, there are no hikers yet passing by on that trail. All hikers are either going to Mt Maranat or the Helipad to camp and spend the night there.
Will remind you of Batulao without the hordes
Rolling terrain

Balagbag-lubog Circuit

The hike and recon would not be possible if without the support of my trail buddies. Eru , Luigi and Boss Don, you guys rock.. Soon we can try the much longer and challenging route exiting
toAnginan San Isidro, Montalban Rizal.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mt Kupapey

Mt kupapey is located in Maligcong Bontoc. It is now gaining popularity trough the internet as per Ate Suzette, owner of the homestay, every week they have a visitor wanting to set foot on top of the mountain and witness the beauty of it. They are not allowing overnight stay on the mountain to protect its natural state and beauty.

Team Kups 
We arrange the climb hitting another tourist destination which is Batad rice terraces and Tappiyah falls. To maximize the time and to have much comfort as possible, we rented a van for our travel than do it the backpacker type of commuting all throughout to save time and effort and to be comfortable for the whole trip and adventure.

Maligcong Rice Terraces
We arrived in Batad at 8am look for the available guide and started to hike right away amidst the heat of the sun. The trek going to the falls is easier because its all downhill, we all know that going back will be of a challenge because it will now be all uphill. We bask into the cold water of tappiyah falls, enjoy the view and calm scenery and then we proceed to our main destination. From the town of Bontoc, the road going to Maligcong and Suzette's Homestay was all uphill.

Ate Suzette is a very hospitable host, she makes sure all our needs are being attended. She also told us that she is not used of seeing the guest to cook for themselves. Having met new faces who are all fun to begin with makes this trip an awesome one.

The trek is very easy, you can actually do it in less than an hour fast pace but for a relaxing walk, within 2 hours will do.

The top of kupapey can rival the view in Kiltepan peak of Sagada.. Great view, Morning fogs, Sea of clouds with no crowds..

Mt Kupapey's Sea of Clouds
The girls just having fun

The boy's are alright.. 

Relaxing and having fun on top

This place will be forever dear to us all, we are all wanting to go back if schedule permits. I guess it would be much better to stay there for 2 nights , just relaxing.