Saturday, March 14, 2015

Into the wooden realms

Mt Timbak-Mt AL-AL-Mt Tabayoc

Theres a lot of information on the other blogs regarding Mt Timbak and Mt Tabayoc so I will not share something new here. Or maybe just knowing that theres a new view deck on Mt Tabayoc will do.

Few weeks ago my friend Ranger Arlan of Mt Tabayoc texted me, notifying that Mt AL AL will be open to hikers for a few weeks until easter Sunday. I should have been ascended that mountain 2 years ago,however due to the mis-communication with our supposed to be guide the plan did not materialized at that time. 

At the summit of MT AL AL
I arranged then my team composed of my hiking buddies and new friends, I planned for this adventure immediately. It could be less expensive if we commute from baguio to ballay, however since it will still required us to rent a van because of on-going road repair, we then arranged for our van service. The real advantage of renting a van is we can now include Mt Timbak to our itenerary which is not originally part of the plan. We now have a chance to visit Madam Edna, our host 2 years ago when Errol and I hiked Mt Tabayoc and Mt Timbak. 

At Mt Timbak
We arrived in Ballay just before 4pm. We met our host Ranger Arlan and we began our small briefing about the MT AL AL. 

The kids of Ballay. Taken at Lake Tabeo
Before there was a small group of mountaineers lead by Melo ascend the Peak of Mt AL AL without proper coordination to the people who manage the place. Just because they are friends with the local guide and assuming that this guide can cover their assess, They climb the Mt AL-AL. Weeks later they were found out, with proper investigation they are banned from the whole Pulag National Park and the guide who helped them was removed from the guides association in Ballay. Their climb was not recognized whatsoever by the management of Pulag National Park and the local people of ballay. 

Going back, since Im strongly against the backdoor mountaineer, I make sure that we do have the proper authority and permission to climb the mountain. I am constantly communication with the park ranger to make sure that everything will go on smoothly as it should. 

Sea of Clouds at Mt AL AL

We thanked the almighty for the good weather troughout the climb. 

The old oak tree. The Marker of MT AL AL
The day came when my team and the mountains met, and we all had a great adventures

And the rest as they said was history.. 

Mt AL AL is only open a month before the holy week and will be closed on easter sunday. Please do not set a bad example to other hikers and outdoor enthusiast by hiking the mountain when it is not open. Sure, no one might know, but eventually words will got out and dont risk to be banned in Mt Pulag national park or on any mountain. Hiking the mountain when it is not officially open doesn't proved anything or add anything to your image. Learn to respect the rules and regulations imposed on a particular peak. Someday you will have your chance, just learn to wait.. 


12am : Assembly

01:00   etd to Baguio
07:00 : eta baguio - breakfast, buy packed lunch. Buy supplies
09:30 : Proceed to Mt Timbak
11:30 : Mt Timbak Jump off
12:30 : Summit 
01:30 : Descend
02:00 : Proceed to Ballay
03:30 : Eta Ballay- meet our host. Briefing. Rest

03:00am - wake up call
04:30am - Start trek to Mt AL AL
05:30am - Jump off 
07:30am - Summit of Mt AL AL
08:30am - Descend
10:30am - Back at the basecamp
01:30pm - Start trek to Mt Tabayoc
03:00pm - Peak 1 - regroup
03:30pm - Mt Tabayoc Summit
04:00pm - Descend
05:30pm - Back at the basecamp

06:00am - Wake up call
07:00am - Eta Ballay
09:30am - Madam Gina restaurant ( Not anymore )
01:00pm - Baguio
03:00pm - Eta Baguio
09:00pm - Manila