Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Into the new light

I have not been writing for the past few months, I may have just been bored and having nothing more to share. After our climb in MT Mingan last June, I have not been hiking since then. With all the shit and drama happening in the Mountaineering scene, I have ventured to another sport - Trail Running.

I already tried trail running last 2012, having participated for 2 years in Merrel Adventure run and a 25km in Valley trail challenge. This year I have decided to give it more focus and attention and go serious about trail running.

So far I have joined few events to get accustomed my legs to the workload. The front runner Valley trail challenge 30km, The first Mt Marami 21km and the recent Conquer Adventure Series in Tanay for 25km.

Picture courtesy of Active Pinas in Mt Marami Summit
I have so much to learned and to do for me to enjoy trail running pain free and not having difficulty breathing. Of course, practice is the key. Your performance on the trail will always depend on the amount of training you do before the event.

Running in Nuvali Trail

I am still a newbie , there's still so much to learn and for me to do so, was to get out there and run.