Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gear review : Columbia master of faster

I bought columbia master of faster october last year and since then its been my hiking companion in most of my major climbs. Most people say that what made them buy their hiking shoes because of durability ,realibity and all that nonsense shit. You dont know that yet when you are just about to buy the shoes, so you are just relying in online review and the strong brand presence of the shoes manufacturer.
What I liked about the columbia master of faster is the style and weight,compared to my teva forge pro,its much lighter. And with omni-grip technology,as well as the design of the outsole ,you can be sure that it can handle the most difficult terrain out there, both real and imagined.
                                    Master of faster at Maktrav peak 2
                                     At the highest peak of luzon
The first time I used the shoes was in the terrain of Mt Maculot. I ascend the rockies with ease without any blister, and the descend was sweet as well with no pain in my toes and other discomfort. Then I tried it on the wicked and unforgiving trail of Makiling Traverse . Anyone who had climbed maktrav will tell you that this mountain have all kinds of trail. Rocks, roots, muds , you named it Maktrav have it. And the shoes once again reached the summit of Peak 3 and Peak 2 in one piece. And the descend trough the muddy part of Uplb trail the shoes feels like its glued in your feet , you can actually trail run without the fear that the shoes will fail you ,to caused you to slipped. If you slipped,its not because of the shoes grip,it might be because of your balanced, and tired knees. The Master of faster can handle light rain and downpour,if you want a waterproof version theres a Master of faster Omnitech and Master of faster outdry.
                                          Mt napulauan marker
The master of faster have reached the summit of Mt Napulauan traverse, Mt Pulag akiki-amba ,  and Mt amuyao traverse and its still looks the same way as the first timed I used it.Im sure and confident that it can take me to the mountains of Visayas and Mindanao.
Now tell me,where can your trail shoes take you..

Recently,Last June 2. I used again the columbia master of faster in the rugged terrain of timbelarnd heighs running 21km for the merrell adventure run. And once again it proved its worth and passed again with flying colors running trough those muddy and slippery trail.

Last June 11 , I used again the master of faster for another action adventure dayhike the makiling dayhike traverse using sipit trail..
On a lighter note, My climbing buddy defy all my theories , He climbed with me on those peaks with just his sandugo sandals.
                                       Sandugo sandals

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