Monday, July 2, 2012

Gear review : Sea to Summit ultrasil daypack

I recently purchased and enjoyed the sea to summit ultrasil daypack, its lightweight, waterproof and durable.
The daypack only weighs about 68 grams its much lighter that my pair of socks. And the good thing about this it can be rolled down into a small pocket size bag. Its ideal to carry some extras in your trip, the gear you cannot part with even when your having snores before and after the climb.And it is also doubled as your summit pack,when you camp out and ascend for the summit the next day this pack can carry your food,water,fleece jacket,headlamp and rain gear with ease.
                                            At the summit of Pat yay with sea to summit daypack
                                                     At the cambulo rice terraces 
I have the privilege to try the pack in Mt Amuyao traverse. I load my jacket,food and other gear inside and the pack handle it with total comfort, and with its siliconized Cordura fabric,It repels the rain and keep the gear dry inside. When your holding the pack,you wonder how this small pack can hold so much. At first, Im worried how long this pack will last with the weight Iam carrying and the trail Im walking in, to my amazement it was still in one piece even after the grueling amuyao traverse to batad trail.
                                           At at the batad rice terraces
Having another small pack aside from your regular backpack is a good thing, especially If you want to carry a jacket and a bottle of water inside the bus ,while your big pack stays at the luggage part of the bus.
                                               Relaxing at batad
Bummer : This pack is not available here, even at Rox. I ordered it from

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