Saturday, January 12, 2013

Phillipines 2thousander

I now have a new mission. Something that will needed more time and budget. I am now planning to complete the Top 10 highest peak in the country. However, Mt Ragang is not open yet.Even Pinoymountaineer and the Mindanao explorer havent climbed it yet, so why should I ? Meaning I will not be able to complete the Top 10,but what I can do is to replace it with another mountain in the list of Top 20 and I have my own version of top 10. Or if time and budget permits, and if the mountain is climable-meaning its open and safe to climb, I might have this crazy and out of the world idea to climb the Top 30 in Pinoymountaineer's list of 2thousander mountain in the Phillipines. No matter how long it takes, whether Im on my 40's or 50's.

I dont want to grow old and dumb, like other aging mountaineer, who still wants to control the scene. They forgot that times have changed, this is now a level playing field. We are forever thankful and grateful for what they have done and contribute to the mountaineering community. Their names will be forever mentioned in the mountains.Lots of them grow old gracefully, others still hanging on to their long lost famed.Still trying to be part of the scene. They forgot that what we have right now is a totally different ballgame.The mountaineering society evolves and develops into one helluva sports and lifestyle.

This time, they should pass the torch, and entrust the field to the next generation. 

Below are the list of Phillipines Highest Mountains according to
  1. Mt Apo                          - Finished
  2. Mt Dulang Dulang         - Scheduled for Dec 2013
  3. Mt Pulag                       - Finished
  4. Mt Kitanglad                  -Scheduled for Dec 2013
  5. Mt Kalatungan               -Finished
  6. Mt Tabayoc                   - Schedule for Jan 2013
  7. Mt Ragang                    - Closed ; Not Open to Mountaineers
  8. Mt Maagnaw                 - Scheduled for Dec 2013
  9. Mt Timbak                    - Finished
  10. Mt Amuyao                  - Finished
I was able to complete some on the list. This year with God's and nature's help I might be able to finished the Top 10 with exception of Mt Ragang- which is not yet open to mountaineers or even to everbody else. I will just replaced it with another mountain next on the list.

11. Mt Panotoan                 -No info yet in Pinoy mountaineer
12. Mt Kapiligan               - No info yet in Pinoy mountaineer
13. White Peak     - Might not be climable for the next 2 years because of Typhoon Pablo's damaged.
14. Mt Abao                      - No info yet in Pinoy mountaineer
15.Mt. Napulauan              -Finished
16. Mt Osdung                  - Open
17. Mt Lumuluyaw           - No info yet in Pinoy mountaineer
18. Mt Halcon                   - Still Close
19.Mt Cauitan                   - Not sure if it is the same as Mt Kalawitan, if it is - its Open.
20.Mt. Alchanon (Alchanar) - No info yet in Pinoy mountaineer

I will update this post ,once I have new or more facts about the other mountains on the list that doesnt have logistics and complete information .

To quote my Mentor

“I believe that, with anything in life, if you have the patience, desire and passion, you can do whatever you set your mind to.”
Ed Viesturs

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  1. Looking forward to climb Mt. Kitanglad sooner. Thanks for the wonderful insight!

  2. tnx for the insight..planning to climb D2K come oct.sna sama sama nlang tau..heheh..still looking for climbing buddies

  3. Hi Ms emm. Sa dec ang sked ko kdm, triple traverse.Kitanglad dulang dulang Maagnaw. Hope na matuloy ako sa L312 sa end of month para ma hit ko na ang top 10 na climable two thousander..

  4. Hi po sir Helmet! �� So happy po at may iba pa palang mountaineer na gumagamit ng Google+.

    Sir, I wish to join po your December 2013 Kitanglad Mountain range triple traverse, This is my email po

    Tnx po.