Friday, February 17, 2017

Mt Pigingan Dayhike

Mt Pigingan is located in Dalupirip Benguet. 

The mountain is not so popular compared to the peaks nearby such as Mt Ugo and Mt Ulap. 

Because of this the trail maintained its pristined condition and its cleanliness. 

This is the same location where cordillera mountain ultra is being held. 

Pics courtesy of Direk
Its height is measured 1328 masl. 

The starting elevation is more or less 300 masl and you will have like a thousand meters assault.

The Trail of Mt Pigingan is comparable to trails of Mt Ugo and Mt Ulap. 

We started our hike at 4:30am and before the sun rises we already starting our assault to the peaks. 

We reached the campsite at 9:30am take our breakfast , rest and recover. Then at 10:30am we continue our hike to the summit

We reached the summit at 11:30am . 

At 12:30 we started to descend on the same trail we used going up. 

At 3pm we reached the end of our destination. 

Another Mountain in Benguet was summited on a dayhike. 

Soon other will follow.. 

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