Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pain and Despair


Davao City and Davao del Sur
Entry point: Purok 6, Tamayong, Calinan, Davao City
Exit point: Sitio Mainit, Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur
LLA (Talomo): 2674 MASL (#13)
LLA (Apo):: 7°0′30″N, 125°16′33″E, 2,956 MASL (#1)
Days required / Hours to summits: 4-7 days / 10-14 (T); 20-28h (A)
Specs: Major Climb, Difficulty 9/9, Trail class 2-5, Exploratory
Features: Mossy forests, Sulfuric vents, Lake Venado, Boulders

*Souce : Pinoymountaineer.com

                           The group at Lake Venado before Summit Assault
                                   *pics courtesy of Maximus Tercerus

The ultimate traverse will start in Brgy Tamayong and will end up in Kapatagan Digos. This is a ultimate adventure that will truly test your mettle. I have never been yet to Guiting Guiting, Mt Halcon and Mt Manta, these mountains have a 9/9 difficulty according to Pinoy Mountaineer, it was the level the blogger decides based on his own level of difficulty. I also noticed some itenaries on the internet that they used a Day 0 for the days that they dont actually hiking. Our itenaries, we dont have a day 0. When we arrived in Davao, that day counts as Day 1.

And here's our story..

Day 1

We arrived in Davao at 6am. We met by Max and Bigboy who are already waiting for us. We have a rented Van, organized by Max. We proceed directly to Bankerohan Market to buy some supplies that we need for our 4 days torture. We arrived in the Jump off at 8am, took our breakfast, prepare our backpacks and walk on the wide road to Sicao Village. We arrived in Sicao Village at 9am,met Datu Jun Sicao, made some final preparations and briefing then the adventure begins. The first part of trail was very muddy. So make sure that your shoes was durable enough,otherwise you might lose a sole . Some of the muds was ankle deep, make sure of you footing first before you put your whole weight on your steps.

                              Mt Talomo can be seen here in Brgy Calinan

The Talomo forest is very enticing as well, although not as mossy as the other Mindanao forest as they said, It offers its own unique flora and fauna. 

                                        A glimpse of Talomo forest.

From Sicao Village up to Talomo summit it will take between 8-10 hours depends on your pace and number of rest. Due to the terrain difficulty , continuos rain and time constraints,we failed to arrived on the summit in Day 1. We set up camp in Camp 2. Our guides suggest that we need to take a rest because the trail is much more difficult from here onwards and navigating it at night will add more challenge for us. So we rest our tired body, tired from travel ,lack of sleep, and continuos hike with minimal breaks, in the cold and rainy nights. So you see, we dont have a Day 0 here.

             Utan River,The Last Water source before camp 2 and Talomo's Summit

From Camp 2 to Talomo summit it will take 3 hours and from Talomo summit to Basinan Campsite another 8-10 hours of trekking , with a lot of 4x4 options and tree hugging and logs crossing . One slipped and your balls will smashed trough the logs. 

                                         View from Talomo Summit

                             Mt Apo can be seen from Hipupokan Peak

To be continued..,

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