Friday, January 4, 2013

Mt Kalatungan Circuit


Entry point : Brgy Mendis
Exit   point:  Brgy Mendis

Days required    : 2-3 days
Trail conditions : Forested and Open Trail , Lots of rattan torns and sharp grass.
Peak : 2880 Masl

 Note :

This is not a back trail, The Goverment of Pangantucan created a trail that connects the two peaks and exits on the same location. The trail connects at the entry point before the river crossing.

Mt Kalatungan is the 5th highest peak in the Phillipines. According to Pinoymountaineer measurement the peak have 2880 Masl.

After our 4 days Talomo-Apo Traverse, I just rest my legs for 3 days and then when I thought I was ready, I know venture to Bukidnon to do another traverse. Originally It should be Dulang-dulang to Kitanglad traverse. However I thought, that I already have a schedule to go back to Cagayan De Oro in Dec 2013 and If I do the K2D now, I dont have enough days to include Mt Maagnaw on the list. So meaning I will have another mountain left fulfilled to climbed. So logistically wise,I should conquer first Mt kalatungan, then come Dec 2013 the Bukidnon Almigh-3 mountain will be scale.

I was joined with my 2 friends from Bukidnon. We are both came from finishing another ardous trek. The Talomo-Apo Ultimate traverse. With a little doubt with our strength, not with our perserverance, We summited Mt Kalatungan on a rainy and windy Afternoon.

Day 1

From Davao City it will take between 4-5 hours travel to Maramag bukidnon and another 30 mins travel to Pangantucan municipality. In City Hall conference room we spent our first night in town.

Day 2 up to Campsite

All logistics have been carefully arranged before hand.We also have the live chicken that was needed for the ritual.  So at 6am, we are fetched by Habal Habal that can take us to Brgy Mendis, where the actual jump off is. It was a 40 mins ride . At Brgy Mendis our guides already waiting for us. At 7am we start our journey to Mt Kalatungan.

                                    River Crossing with the bamboo bridge

The trail have a gradual assault ,then when you exit from the forest to the open trail that have a tall and sharp grass. So full skin protection is required. It would be much better if you used a gloves as well, because who knows you might hold on to thorny rattan that can tear your skin apart. And make sure that what you wear is not your favorite and expensive tnf shirt because it might get some ripping too..

We arrived at the Peak at 3:30pm and because of strong winds and continous rain, we stay there for only 10 mins enough to take some pics and enjoy being there .

From the peak to the campsite it will take between an hour to an hour and a half.

We arrived at Campsite with nearby water source at 5:30pm and Immediately set up camp on a hard rain and cold environments.

                                                   Muleta Falls

                               View from the Summit , just before the rain
Day 2

We woke up at 6am and it still raining. Before the cold seeps in to our body we immediately proceed to Mt Wiji. The cold will lessen if you keep on moving, when you stand still that's where the danger of being too cold steps in. When you plan to scale the some of the two-thousander,always make sure you have protection from wind and rain. It will save your life. Never under estimate the mountain and the weather.

                                                  Mt Wiji Peak

Thank God as we descend from Mt Wiji, the rain stop. And as we descend faster, the Wind becomes less dangerous. It was a continous descend to the exit point. Make sure you prepare your legs also. Otherwise, youll be a burden to the team and to yourself if you got injured along the trail.

                                             Grass Land eh ?

We arrived at the exit point at 1:30 pm. Tidy up , took our lunch and get warm there until 4pm. At 4pm our guide with his habal habal take us to Pangantucan Terminal. There are buses there to Cagayan de Oro until 5pm. I arrived at Cdo at 9:30pm proceed to Golden pension House and finally able to rest on a warm and soft bed.

Now who needs a big group or the renowned Mindanao explorer to make this climb happened ? 

Special thanks to Tupe Diaz for all the help and support

and to the people of Pangantucan Municipality.. You are all great!! See you all soon..

As it happened itenaries :

Day 1 

12:00pm : From Davao Ecoland terminal Travel to Maramag Bukidnon
5:00 pm  : Arrival in Maramag, take van to Pangantucan Municipality
5:45 pm  : Arrival in Municipality
6:00 pm  : Stay in Conference room

Day 2
6:00              Fetch by Habal Habal to Brgy Mendis
7:00              Meet the guide and porter / give the chicken
7:15              Start trekking (with river/water source along the way)
10:00           ETA to next water source
11:30           ETA Buko-buko sa Anay Ridge
12:00          Lunch; rest; picture taking (Muleta Falls visible)
12:30          Trek from Bukobuko sa Anay to the Summit
     with last water source in between
3:30             At the Summit
3:45             Descent to Dwarf Bamboo Camp (abundant water source)
5:30-            Set up camp, cook, rest

Day 3
6:00             Breakfast and Breakcamp while raining
7:30             Ascent to Lumpanag Peak
8:30             At the Summit; picture taking (Kitanglad Range visible)
9:00             Cross along 3 minor peak
12:00           Descent to brgy Mendis (it's not a backtrail)- Dead Nails Trail
1:30              Mang Tanyong Sari Sari Store. Tidy Up , Lunch
4:00              habalhabal to Poblacion Terminal
5:00             take a bus direct to CDO
9:30pm Arrival in CDO

Expenses : 
From Davao to Maramag : P290
Maramag to Pangantucan : P30
Registration : P200/each
Guide :P 250/day
Porter :P 250/day
Habal Habal to Jump off :P100/head
Habal Habal to Bus terminal : P50/head
Bus to Cdo : P 220

 Contact : 

Pai Pai : Administrative Assistant : 09067405024
Mr. Renato Sabado (Tourism Officer) : 09177077805

Tip :

* Worn Full cover protection
* Use inexpensive gloves
* Start Early
* Dont forget the live chicken
* Guide/s and Porter/s should be included in your Meal Plan

This is just my personal opinion- The guide fee and the porter fee is the lowest fee that Ive known so far. With the trail difficulty, I believe that we should try to add a little more than that. In Mt talamitam the guide fee is P300,Balingkilat P600, Palali its P1000. Napulauan its 1000/day in Amuyao its 1500/day. In Malipunyo its P900-1200.

So what I did to compensate them in my own way, I left them my SOL emergency bivy and My sleeping bag. They need it more than I do. 


  1. wow astig sana makalabas din ako ng luzon para mag hike :)

  2. Soon sir.. you will try to find more challenges and you will find yourself getting out of your comfort zone..