Friday, April 5, 2013

The penguin Beak

Mt Sicapoo traverse Day 2

We woke up at 4am under the only cold nights we had in the campsite. Immediately we prepare our breakfast and packed lunch. At 6:30am we began our way to reachead the summit of Mt Sicapoo.
The trail was the continuation of the steep edges and non stop assault that we already experienced in Day 1. With light packs, we easily navigated trough the trail. But the trail was too long, so even with light packs, we are dead tired. After a few hours of walking on the open trail, We entered the short forest of Sicapoo.
First team
After almost 8 hours of hiking the first group arrived at the Peak, kiss the penguin beak and congratulate eachother for a job well done. After just a few minutes, the 2nd group arrived. We just spent a few minutes taking pictures and enjoy the surroundings, because we know that its a long way back to our campsite, and all of uagree that we dont want to hiked at night. Will less visibility and anticipated cold weather, we rushed our way back . Our guides informed us that most of the group arrived at night . Some arrived at 10pm the earliest would be 7pm. But to our surprise we arrived at the campsite just before 6pm , just in time before the darkness engulf the whole area. 

The Penguin's Beak
 As usual, We prepare our dinner and share our personal challenges of the trail onwards . 

Little did we know that the last day would be the toughest and most difficult part of the entire traverse..

A celebration of a job well done.Smile Guys.

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