Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hike You Remember

Mt Manabu Circuit Loop

Mt Manabu to Biak na Bundok to Mt Manabu Jump off via hidden trail

For the past months , Ive been hiking with my new found group that was not so veterans yet in terms of hiking experience. And they gave me some contentment and new found wisdom in my hiking sense. Climbing with veterans is another experience, you will not worried that much with your companion because you know that they know what they're doing and can finish the trek without much issue. However with the group of newbie, the experience is totally different. You need to look on each and everyone of them and see if they need rest, if they can still continue, which one is having problems with his/her load. Being a climb leader for two different groups means you need to adapt with different persons and situations, and that will make you more matured and somehow be a better version of you.

Mt Manabu Summit
The initial plan was to traverse the Manabu to Malipunyo. However , I have not been climbing with the group that I will lead before. So I set up their expectations that we will hike to Mt Manabu first, once we reached the summit, will check if they can still continue to hike for 5 to 7 hours to complete the traverse. I reached out to my friend Mario the reliable guide of Malipunyo traverse and told him the plan. He suggested that we can push until biak na bundok and they made a circuit back to Manabu jump off without doing a back trail . We like the idea, and for the first time we do the Manabu circuit loop.

At Biak na Bundok. Picture courtesy of Mahki Hugz

Mang Mario the realiable guide of the entire Malarayat mountain range. Pics courtesy of Mahki Hugz     

According to Mang Mario theres a new traverse that will exit to Tiaong Quezon. Also theres a trail that will exit to San Pablo via sky way and the easiest traverse would be the exit to Malipunyo or Manabu.

Inside the Manabu Circuit. A wide open space.Pics courtesy of Mahki Hugz

At the finish line. Pics courtesy of Mahki Hugz

Special thanks to Mang Mario for assisting us to finish the circuit. To Ate Linda for providing us a delicious meal to dig into after the hike. And for new friends and climb buddy. See you again at the trail..

This was indeed a hike to remember.

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