Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dulang to Maagnaw Part 2

The best highlight of this trek was the traverse trail from Mt Dulang Dulang to Mt Maagnaw. The mossy forest was so enchanting and still pristine. The trail was not as used as the trail connecting Mt Kitanglad to Mt Dulang Dulang. 

The mossy forest
The trail was a series of rolling uphill and downhill, inside the forest of kitanglad mountain range. After a few hours of walking we emerged on a clear part of the ridge from there you can see both the peak of Kitanglad and Dulang Dulang.

You can see the summit of Mt Kitanglad
It is always a good idea to have lunch where there is a water source nearby. So we push forward to get closer to our destination point and try to maximize the good weather and sunlight that we have. After a few action packed moments we arrived in our lunch area. 

Re Group point

After lunch we continue our journey to reach the campsite.We then emerged to Langkayugan ridge. 
The trail going up to Langkayuga
The ridge.

Our hopes for the good weather was suddenly abated. At 3pm the rain started again and it made our ascend to Langkayugan peak challenging. And the plan to camp on that peak was not a good choice as the area was exposed to strong winds and rain. Our guides decide to look for an area inside the forest to be our campsite for the night. We cut the distance from the Langkayugan peak to Mt Maagnaw peak by more than 30mins. At 6pm just before the sun give way to the darkness we arrived on the campsite. Immediately pitch our tent as the rain starting to get intense. We hope for a good weather the next day as we will now close to set foot on top of Mt Maagnaw. 

To be continued.. 

All pictures used courtesy of John Arvin Ramos. 

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