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M2M Dayhike !

The Malipunyo - Manabu Traverse Dayhike.

                                      The Summit Of Mt Malipunyo

Mt Malipunyo is another mountain near Metro Manila . Located in Talisay Batangas. Its near other famed mountains like Mt Maculot and Mt manabu. Its also a part of the Malarayat Mountain Range, Where according to the locals there are six peaks on the entire Malaraya range.

                         Mt banahaw and Mt Cristobal can be seen from here

Mt Malipunyo is not as popular as its neighbor mountains maybe because of the fact that its not an easy hike. One reason is that theres a lot of trail that might lead you elsewhere, hence a guide is highly recommended.

Getting a guide doesnt mean that your afraid to get lost or might not add up to the thrill and challenge that you might seek . For me , its my way of helping the locals or the communities to earned something.

                                              The steep part of the trail
                                  The grassy trail going to Biak na Bundok

Trail Conditions :

The trail of the entire traverse compose of a different set of challenges to your knees and hiking shoes. The first part is a rocky trail,then when you enter the forest the trail becomes rooted soil all the way to the summit. Then the trail becomes dense with thick vegetation ,with sharp grass and thorny plants. Lipa plants is also visible ,so full clothing protection is recommended.

                                          The bamboo part of the trail

Water source :

There is a water source on the trail . The source would be the malipunyo river. Theres one after an hour of trekking , then theres another one before going to biak na bundok. So prepare accordingly.

                                 The River. Serves as the water source.

 Recommendation :

 1. Start early! It is always better to start early just before the Shine shines at its brightest. Starting early also means that you might have a time to do as you pleases for your photo ops and needed rest.

2. To avoid the traffic and time delayed, Ride the ac-tex lipa bound bus. Get off at Lipa Bus stop , Ride a Jeep to Fiesta Mall. It will save you an hour for your ride.

3. Use sunblock and full covered clothing. No short please !

                                     At the biak na bundok grassland

 4. If your planning to leave the terminal at 5am or for another specific time, Make your meet up time one hour ahead. There are lot of people who just shows up at exact time. Not knowing that the bus will leave at the exact time. We got delayed for an hour because of this. I dont want that to happened to you as well. 

As it happened Iteraries :

We agree to meet before 5am , because I know the bus will leave at that time.

5:43 am : etd Jam Terminal 
7:17 am : Eta Lipa Bus Stop . Take breakfast , Buy packed lunch.
7:44 am : Take jeep to fiesta Mall
8:00 am : Take trike to jump off
8:30 am : Start Trek
9:13 am : Arrive at the river. First water source.
9:37 am : 2nd water source . Rest
10:24am : Arrive at Peak 1. Rest
11:08am : Arrived at Peak 3. Mt Malipunyo Summit. Rest. Enjoy the view.
11:35am : Start descend
12:11am : Arrived at Balete park . Lunch
12:40pm : Start descend
01:25pm : River. Water source
01:58pm : Arrived at Biak na bundok
02:27pm : Start descend. Thick vegetation trail
03:09pm : Arrived at Mt Maraduhan. Rest
03:57pm : Arrived at Manabu Campsite. Rest
04:09pm : Set foot on Mt Manabu Peak
04:16pm : Start descend
04:37pm : Coffee Break
05:30pm : Arrived at Mt Manabu Jump off. Rest . Tidy up
06:00pm : Take tricycle to lipa Bus stop
06:20pm : Arrived at Lipa Bus Stop. Dinner
07:00pm : Take bus to Manila
09:00pm : Arrived at Kamuning

Budget :
Kamuning to Lipa Bus Stop   : P132 one way
Jeep to Fiesta Mall                : P 8
Tricycle to Jump off             :    P20 /head
Registration fee                    :    P10
Guide fee                              :   P1000

         Hail Salute. Respect to our fallen comrades who didnt make it to the climb.

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  1. saw the link to your blog in the comments section of pinoy mountaineer under Mt. Malipunyo. Thanks for posting such valuable info for other hikers. More power!