Monday, November 12, 2012

The climb that Should Not Be

Mt palali is located in nueve vizcaya , the same place where the most popular mt Ugu is also located.
Preparing for logistic about this mountain is easy , as theres a lot of recorded ascend for the past few months of the year. The peak of Mt palali have a recorded 1715 masl and it was tagged as major climbed as well.
The fastest way to go in Nueva Vizcaya was to ride Victory liner in Kamuning station . The buses bound to tuguegarao and solano . It was a 7 to 8 hours ride. From solano, theres a lot of tricycle you can choose, just tell the driver you are going to brgy madiangat .
From the jump off the trail was pretty straightforward, with steady inclined. There are open trail also, so prepare accordingly. The intense heat can easily drained your energy. Theres a watersource on the middle of the trail and reportedly there's also one on the summit .
                                                The Jump Off Point

Mt palali seems to be elusive for us, We have a record of 4 aborted climbs , due to weather issue. At last the weather cooperates with us, however we still not escaped some troubles going to Nueva Vizcaya. All the buses bound to solano are fully occupied, so we have to go to other bus terminal in Cubao. Tired and hopeless one by one, we checked with each terminal we could find. We slowly accepted that we cannot climb again Mt palali and decides to change the plan.

                                             The view from the trail

With much determination and desire to set foot on the mountain, we checked another terminal in cubao. To our amazement, theres still one more bus bound to tuguegarao and will depart on 12:00am. With our tired body and restless soul,we board the bus and prepare for the long ride to Solano.

                                                The trail of Mt Palali

From Solano, we just ride the first tricycle we could find,arrange to just drop us to the best carinderia in town so we can eat breakfast and buy packed lunch. We meet the guide and proceed to Jump off by foot..

                                              The River Crossing
                                         The trail that have a gradual ascent

 Due to time constrain and desire to have socials in the memorable sari sari store in Solano, We decide not to push to the summit, As the guide and colleague said that there are no more to see in the summit. Its like summiting Mt maculot. So we just rest in Haring bato, ate lunch , then go down eventually.. 
                                                  Haring Bato

                                          One of the waterfalls of Mt palali
We also visit one the falls in Mt palali, having done the overnight climbed , we could visit the most majestic and higher falls that Palali could offer..
With still unfinished business., We decides to go back In the mountain some time soon..

 Climb Budget : 

Bus from Kamuning to Solano    : P333
Tricycle from Solano to Jumpoff : P60 
Guide fee                                : P900

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